Judge PAIK Jin-Hyun

Dear colleagues, 
I am most pleased to welcome everyone to the 2016 Regional Conference of the Asian Society of International Law in Hanoi, Vietnam. I congratulate the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam for hosting this important conference. I also want to thank my colleagues in the Planning Committee and the Secretariat of the Society for their contribution and collaboration in organizing this event.
The overall theme of the conference, “International Law and a Dynamic Asia”, presents to us abundant food for thought. Indeed Asia is a dynamic region with its rapid economic development and accompanying political and social changes. At the same time dynamic Asia gives rise to many challenges for States in the region as well. Those challenges are well known to us. They range from how to increase further regional cooperation in various fields to the urgent task of managing potential conflicts and disputes that could threaten peace and stability in the region. They also include how universal norms such as the protection of human rights and safeguarding the global commons can be applied in the region. 
Admittedly international law may not be able to resolve all those challenges, but it can and should be an effective instrument in overcoming many of them. I therefore believe that it is time for international lawyers in the region to undertake a serious debate about the role of international law in addressing various challenges facing dynamic Asia. The Hanoi Regional Conference, which purports to tackle wide-ranging topical issues relevant to the region, provides us with a timely opportunity for international legal scholars and practitioners to exchange their views and find a common ground in addressing them.
Asian Society of International Law was founded to promote the study of and respect for international law in Asia and to foster and encourage Asian perspective of international law. The inter-sessional regional conference is an important event in this regard and I look forward to the active participation and contribution of the members of the Society. I thank and congratulate again the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam for offering us a great opportunity to explore Asian perspective on many issues facing the region. I wish the Hanoi Regional Conference every success!